About Skradin

Long before Croats settled in their land, the state of Liburnia was ruling over their current territories. Skradin served as the country’s capital, and later became the heart of corresponding Roman province. It became a Diocese of early Christians, proving its value and historical importance.

Situated on the banks of Krka, the town is close to the river’s national park. The architecture has been under influence of Venetian and Croatian cultures, with its current form established in 19th century. Visitors are encouraged to visit the ramparts of the old Roman settlement called Bribirska Glavica and Franciscan monastery of Visovac Inlet.

According to Forbes, Skradin is the favorite vacation spot of Bill Gates. Come and see why.


Find Peace and Leisure in Skradin Town

There are so many nice places in Croatia one can visit, and beautiful Town of Skradin is not an exception. Situated on the banks of Krka River, it can be found about 20 kilometers away from Sibenik. Although having merely 500 inhabitants living on its core premises, the settlement have an astonishing history. Back in Roman times, it served as a capital of Liburnia County, while medieval age brought it under the rule of Subic Croatian nobles. As Mediterranean as it can possibly be, Skradin features narrow pathways and stone-paved roads. Its entire historical core is literally a museum of living history. Local landmarks include the old Fort of Turina (14th century) and Church of Blessed Virgin Mary (18th century).…

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