About Samobor

Having over seven centuries in existence, the Croatian town of Samobor refuses to give up its medieval vibe and positive atmosphere, detectable at every inch of its charming streets. With many bridges, promenades, sacral objects, inns and shops with traditional merchandize, it is easy to understand why this town is a favorite weekend destination of many Zagreb residents (the capital is only 25 kilometers away).

Surrounded by thick forests and mountaineer roads, medieval Samobor is a perfect locality for lovers of nature, but those with a sweet tooth won’t leave unsatisfied either. One simply has to try local delicacy called  Samoborska Kremsnita (Samobor Cream Cake), available in numerous outdoor pastries.

Samobor is also known for a large number of cultural events happening on its soil, especially the annual carnival (probably most popular in continental Croatia)  and dry meat festival. Whoever wants to have fun and enjoy tasty dishes will find Samobor a perfect host.

As for those interested in knighthood and chivalry, they will be interested in seeing the ramparts of Stari Grad. It used to be a fort in 13th century, but now only the wind inhabits its walls, telling the story of days long gone.

Samobor, Croatia

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Gabreku 1929

Among the oldest restaurants in Samobor, Gabrek is located next to Vugrinscak Park, in the vicinity of gorgeous Old City…