About Rogoznica

It is difficult to find a settlement with so many unique features as Rogoznica. Even for Mediterranean standards, where every little corner has a tale to tell, this settlement is quite original in geological and historical context.

Located in the south of Sibenik-Knin County, Rogoznica is a town which lies partly on the mainland and partly on a small inlet. The neighborhoods are connected with a bridge. Such terrain is responsible for Rogoznica’s large coastline, being over 50 kilometers in length, and having dozens of pebble and stone beaches. Local promenades lead through forests of pine tree, and traditional stone houses of Dalmatia provide a beautiful sight and scenery for lovely photographs. People interested in history can visit several Churches dating from 17th century, or submerge in scuba diving exploration of shipwreck Ninucin, Italian warship destroyed by British Navy in World War II. Rogoznica also has a lake called Zmajevo Oko (Dragon’s Eye), which sometimes boils due to certain chemical reactions, fueling the local tales of mystical reptile dwelling on its bottom.

Rogoznica, Croatia

A Beautiful Sail with Dolphin Family near Rogoznica

Setting a sail and enjoying the beauty of open sea is something one can always do on Croatian coast. But the experience truly shines to its full potential if you are joined by a dolphin family in good mood. Once such occasion happened to a group of sailors as they voyaged across the nautical neighborhood of Rogoznica. During their regular trip, a group of playful animals emerged from the gentle depths of Adriatic and cherished the human company with some rather precious moments. One crew member was actually our photographer Zvonimir Barisin, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to do what he does best. In a matter of seconds, his photographing gear was operational, leading to an impressive series of images.…

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