About Pula

The Greek myth tells Pula was founded by Jason and Medea during their escape from Colchis fleets. Because of that, literature and poetry consider Pula to be ‘the city of fugitives’. And indeed, in many ways, Pula is a place of retreat to people tired of everyday worries, hungry for culture, joy and entertainment.

Pula was governed by many cultures since mythological times. Each of them left a mark on its ground. Old Romans constructed their shrines, gates and temples. And of course, the large amphitheater which became the very symbol of Istrian region. Christians build monasteries, churches and cathedrals. Medieval times, always full of intrigue and conflict, surrounded Pula with forts and defensive walls.

Today, many of these sites provide sceneries for music festivals and cultural events, thus making Pula a prime destination for entertainment, leisure and relaxation. Come, and discover your reasons to love this Croatian city.


Join Beachgoers in Pula

High temperatures are becoming the norm in Croatia, and we all know what that means for fans of beach enjoyments. The coastal sites are getting populated and no day passes without at least one quick splash in Adriatic Waves. The picturesque Town of Pula is not any different, measuring sea temperatures to be up to 22 degrees Celsius. Since ancient ages, Pula has been nicknamed ‘City of Fugitives’, a place where every roamer will find peace and comfort below the stars. And in case you wish to seek refuge from a shiny star that provides us daylight, the shallows surrounding Pula are a place to go. Below is a gallery featuring images from one of Pula’s beaches. Consider them an…

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