About Požega

Surrounded by Mountains of Psunj, Papuk, Dilj and Pozeska Gora, the picturesque Pozega is where Croatian language was firstly practiced in public life. Being in Slavonian plain, a part known for its wines and dry meat products, it is a perfect destination for exploring the beauties of inland Croatia

Full of old palaces, churches, museums and promenades, Pozega offers numerous opportunities for strolling and enjoying the outdoors. The Tekija promenade features a water source of drinkable water, while the Old Town has playgrounds for children, and is advisable spots for family visit.

Guests of Pozega are also encouraged to visit Sokolovac hill, which provides a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys of Pozega.

34000, Požega, Croatia

Walk Through an Enchanted Forest in Papuk

A lot of people may object having a stroll through winter sceneries. The temperatures are low, it is easy to have your socks wet and thick layer of snow may slow you down to a halt. However, those that keep indoors will never have an opportunity to reach some truly amazing sights. Some of them definately include the ice-embraced forest of Jankovac which can be found in Papuk Nature Reserve in northeast territories of Croatia. An area that is attractive no matter the season of the year, this locality gains a special treatment once the temperatures reach sub-zero digits. The thirty-meter high waterfall that completely freezes is uniquely attractive, as is this small creek that refused to surrunder to ice…

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