About Plitvice Lakes

The popular symbol of Croatia, Lakes of Plitvice National Park are probably among the most wonderful natural sceneries in the world. Resembling a site from a fable or a fantasy novel, this destination evokes awe in every visitor, both local and foreign.

The crisp streams and high waterfalls, coupled with fascinating pools of blue-green lakes leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Plitvice can be a unique spot for an excursion, especially for a family visit. All guests are invited to tour the scenery with local electrical vessels, which will bring the experience to the whole new level.

In addition to the promenades of park itself, Plitvice is a site of history, science and numerous hospitality services.

Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Embrace Holidays in Fenomen Plitvice

We already wrote about Fenomen Plitvice, a top-class luxury resort that just waits to provide you with fantastic vacation in Croatia’s most cherished nature park. Available in winter season as much as during the warmer part of the year, this locality can be the thing you need for Christmas season. Situated in the highlands of Croatia, Fenomen Plitvice never lacks a thick layer of white snow and picturesque sceneries that will make thousands of memories. Ideal for family stay or some quality time with that special someone, the resort calls you to become a guest of its frozen realm and enjoy their well-known hospitality. Check out our image gallery below to grasp some Plitvice atmosphere in the winter period. Photo:…

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