About Osijek

Situated on the banks of Drava River, Osijek is the cultural and economical center of Slavonia region. Founded by ancient Kelts and developed by mighty Romans, Osijek of today is a modern Croatian city with many things to offer.

Guarded with a system of old defensive fortifications, known as Tvrda, Osijek is a beautiful urban settlement influenced by Austro-Hungarian architecture and centuries of rich history. Once you venture through the town’s historical core, you are free to explore the natural splendor surrounding the river banks.  Viseci Most Bridge is a great locality for taking photos, while numerous bars and taverns will provide you with refreshment and traditional food offer.


Osijek, Croatia

Visit the Heart of Slavonia – Osijek

Osijek is the forth largest urban settlement in Croatia. It lies proudly on the bank of the Drava River, in Slavonia, where it serves as the economic and cultural center of the region. But long before it began to shine in its present glory, Osijek was inhabited by ancient Kelts. After them, the mighty Romans settled, naming the city Mursa. Croats arrived in the seventh century (as we already wrote here) and, even though it was occupied by the Turks at one time in history, Osijek managed to stay Croatian to this day. The word Osijek comes from the Croatian word oseka which means ebb tide. Tvrda, the magnificent The Middle Ages were very turbulent in the Balkans due to Moorish…

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