About Opatija

For more than a century and a half, the romantic settlement of Opatija is among the most beloved destinations on Croatian coast. Intimately located beneath Ucka Nature Park , it is a great spot for visiting at any time of the year.

Internationally known for its famous coastal statue ‘The Maiden with the Seagull’, Opatija is a town full of old villas, charming pavilions and luxurious residences.  It also hosts numerous top-class events, such as Liburnia Jazz Festival and Festival of Coffee. Visitors can’t leave without having a slice of its delicious cake- Opatija Camellia.

With prime beaches, attractive spa facilities and fantastic tourist resorts, Opatija continues to be the pearl of Adriatic coast.  Come and become a part of its story.



Learn about the Most Famous Statue of Kvarner Bay

The coastal City of Opatija is the place well worthy of everyone’s visit. After all, it has been regarded as a tourist resort as early as 19th century. One of its symbols is surely a statue of a young girl next to a seagull that can be seen situated on the rocky coast. In past a statue of Virgin Mary was put on the spot commemorating victims of a tragic shipwreck. Due to environmental damage it was removed and replaced with a maiden with seagull. It is a work of sculptor Zvonko Car and represents the beauties of Adriatic life and its correspondence with the sea.  The statue is often depicted on Opatija’s advertising materials and is one of the…

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Casa Tua (Hemingway)

Located on the coast of Opatija, Restaurant Casa Tua Hemingway is a secluded dining space which assures intimacy and classy…