About Mali Losinj

On the Southern coast of Losinj Island, one can find the charming town called Mali Losinj (Small Losinj). It is the western administrative center of Kvarner Bay, existent as early as 14th century. At one point in history, it had almost twenty shipyards on its ground, with merchant fleet outnumbering the competing cities of Trieste and Venice.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the Adriatic freshness on numerous coastal sites, such as Valleys of Cikat, Poljana, Aurora and Srebrna, while reaching the popular Cove of The Englishman will require a boat rental. Those more adventurous can submerge underwater and visit a specially designed Adriatic Park beneath the waves, or visit the beautiful Forest of aforementioned Cikat. Losinj as an Island is known for its fascinating fragrances and sources of vitality, and the settlement follows this pattern with large number of wellness centers and health resorts. Local culture can be experienced by visiting numerous old Catholic Churches and Austrian Villas, as well as enjoying the cultural program through the entire year. Nature lovers will come to their terms in Mali Losinj. A promenade near the sea might lead to dolphin sightings, and there is always something to do in Sanctuary for Adriatic turtles.

Mali Losinj
Mali Losinj, Croatia