About Makarska

Protected by peninsulas of Sveti Petar and Osejava, residents of Makarska safely dwell on the slopes of giant Biokovo Mountain. A small harbor became an impressive Dalmatian city and a prime tourist destination which gathers thousands of visitors during hot Croatian summers.

With the beach of over two kilometers in length, featuring both pebble and sand terrain, Makarska is indeed a place of clever vacationer’s choice. The city has numerous sport terrains which offer recreation and leisure, and diverse cultural program will entertain guests of all generations. Makarska is also known for its Catholic sanctuary of Vepric, located in a forest cave, and two museums dedicated to underwater life. Couples visiting this Dalmatian city have a tradition of leaving a small padlock on the fence of Sveti Petar Peninsula. These are just some of the reasons why you should walk its stone-paved streets and promenades.

Makarska, Croatia

Check Out the Winter Vibe of Makarska

Outside of the hot summer season when thousands of tourists opt to visit its gentle coastline, the Dalmatian Town of Makarska is a quiet and easy-going spot. The refreshing air and lower temperatures transform this locality into an attractive haven for those pursuing a cozy spot that isn’t far away from Adriatic waves in winter months. Surrounded with a pair of peninsulas called Osejava and Sveti Petar from coastal side and gorgeous mountain of Biokovo from the continental one, Makarska doesn’t need cozy beaches to be an attractive place to visit. If traveling through Dalmatia, be sure to check its lovely premises even while the snowflakes make you company along the path. Photo: Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX

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