About Labin

On the hills above Rabac town, one can discover the beautiful settlement of Labin. Previously known as Roman Albona, it traces its past back to the late 3rd century. Despite its small size, Labin has immense historical value, and serves as a cultural and administrative center of the region.

Labin wrote an important page in European history as it is the site of the first recorded mutiny against fascist regime. This occurred in 1921, when local miners overthrew Italian governors and proclaimed Republic of Labin, with workers in charge. Unfortunately, their small state was short-lived, as the military intervention resolved the situation with tragic consequences. Today, visitors are encouraged to explore the mining shafts, and discover what life of a miner looked like in Croatian past. The settlement of Labin is also a birthplace of influential theologian Matija Vlacic Ilirik, one of most notable names of Reformation period.

Full of small artistic ateliers and lovely coffee bars, Labin is also a great spot for easy-going vacation. Walking its gentle promenades will probably lead you to Forma Viva, a charming nature park decorated with over 70 sculptures. Plus, its fort provides a fantastic look on the surrounding forests and Adriatic shorelines.