About Kukljica

A picturesque village that used to organize its life around fishing and related activities is today a perfect place for a peaceful repose – whether it’s walking, cycling or just enjoying the sunny beaches.

The Island Ugljan, on which Kukljica can be found, is connected to Pasman,  by a bridge crossing a narrow strait called Zdrelac. Zdrelac is also the setting of a traditional procession that takes place in early August, celebrating the local legend according to which there was a day filled with snow almost five hundred years ago. The procession takes the boats to the votive church named ‘Our Lady of Snow’ and it is the perfect opportunity to discover the unspoiled nature in its surrounding. Kukljica also features a large number of old town squares known as “dvors”.


Kukljica: The Settlement You Dreamed About

Let’s start this text with a simple description of Kukljica. It is a small fisherman town located on the southeast island of Ugljan. It has less than 1000 residents, who spend their lives observing beautiful Adriatic channels of Zadar and Srednji Kanal. They also have four small islands in their jurisdiction, called Golac, Bisage, Misnjak and Karantunic. Kukljica is surrounded with romantic sea coves, intimate valleys with crystal- clear water, thick forests of pine and fig trees, wine yards and olive groves. And despite its small size, Kukljica is quite old settlement. Historical documents mention it as early as 12th century, and its Church of St. Jerolim has been dated to 14th century. Majority of buildings in Kukljica are made…

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