About Komiza

Possibly one of the most romantic villages on Croatian coast, Komiza is literally the symbol of Vis Island. Surrounded by beautiful natural localities, such as magnificent Stiniva cove and Modra Spilja Cave, Komiza is known for its historical landmarks such as Venetian fort of Komuna, Palace of Zanchi Family and Gothic Church of St. Mary. Visitors can enjoy horse riding and scuba diving, or explore the remains of abandoned military bases, constructed during Croatia’s communist era. Wine routes and excursions to nearby inlets is also a possibility, not to mention prime gastronomical delight in Komiza’s numerous traditional restaurants, also known as ‘konobas’. A lot of swimming sites are present in the vicinity of settlement as well, some of them having natural spring water sources, thus providing unique way of refreshing visitors from summer sun. Sailors can easily reach island of Palagruza from Komiza, where they can visit a large stone lighthouse turned into an archeological gallery.

Komiža, Croatia

Dive to Find Kite-Looking Adriatic Silo Fish

Croatian seas bloom with life and taking a scuba-dive beneath the surface  is always like having an underwater safari. One common fish species that you can find along Adriatic shores is called silo (pronounced „shee-lo“). Also known as jaglica, this animal can reach almost half of meter in size. However, these animals are completely harmless and have an interesting way of life. Silo fishes have capacity to change colors of their bodies, and usually dwell around bottom surfaces with a lot of vegetation. Resembling a kite above underwater meadows, the animals commonly feed on plankton. Interestingly enough, silo males are the ones that go through pregnancy, carrying the fertilized eggs in their body. This is not uncommon for beings living…

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