About Komiza

Possibly one of the most romantic villages on Croatian coast, Komiza is literally the symbol of Vis Island. Surrounded by beautiful natural localities, such as magnificent Stiniva cove and Modra Spilja Cave, Komiza is known for its historical landmarks such as Venetian fort of Komuna, Palace of Zanchi Family and Gothic Church of St. Mary. Visitors can enjoy horse riding and scuba diving, or explore the remains of abandoned military bases, constructed during Croatia’s communist era. Wine routes and excursions to nearby inlets is also a possibility, not to mention prime gastronomical delight in Komiza’s numerous traditional restaurants, also known as ‘konobas’. A lot of swimming sites are present in the vicinity of settlement as well, some of them having natural spring water sources, thus providing unique way of refreshing visitors from summer sun. Sailors can easily reach island of Palagruza from Komiza, where they can visit a large stone lighthouse turned into an archeological gallery.

Komiža, Croatia

Learn to make Viski Cviti Cookies

The Island of Vis has gained considerable attention of world media after becoming the filming site of ‘Mamma Mia’ sequel. In addition to pristine natural landscapes and lovely settlements, the destination also tenders its culinary traditions. Viski cviti are cookies commonly associated with Vis, and thanks to our recipe below they can be that tiny bit of Croatia you will serve during your next dinner. The following instructions were brought to you by pastry expert Jasminka Zambarlin that runs a small delicacy shop called Cukar in Komiza village. Be aware that this recipe is quite old and uses some ingredients that may be difficult to find in certain places of the world. Don’t worry- we gave our suggestions for modern…

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