About Kastela

A conglomeration of seven villages (Kastel Sucurac, Kastel Gomilica, Kastel Kambelovac, Kastel Lukšić, Kastel Stari, Kastel Novi, Kastel Stafilic) that formed around castles and grew into towns is today called Kastela, a plural noun all of their names share.

Strategically placed on the coast of Dalmatia between Trogir and Solin, the seven towns form a riviera that was known as a tourist resort even in the early days of the Roman Empire. While they’re not withing walking distance, a pleasant drive along the coast reveals the wonders of the fertile grounds in the area that also make Kaštela a famous agricultural region, renown for its Mediterranean vegetation, including a 1500 year old olive tree.

The narrow alleys of old towns may also tempt one to discover the local true-story variation on Romeo and Juliet, the legend of Miljenko and Dobrila.

21214, Kaštela, Croatia

See the Sunset of Kastel Stari

Once dusk slowly lowers the sun towards horizon, people in Dalmatia observe a fascinating world of color. Coupled with romantic settlement located on the very shores of Adriatic Sea and sounds of waves that gently touch the coast, the sunset of Kastel Stari is a sight that both calms and induces reflection in the observer. It is small wonder that Dalmatian inhabitants have a lot of passion for life, as proven by large number of writers and singers that were born in the region. Kastel Stari literally means “An Old Keep” in Croatian language. This is because the settlement was founded in 15th century when Croatian territories were harassed by Turkish invaders. Almost every village has built defensive structures such…

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