About Istria

With charming coastal towns bathed by the sun and lovely old hamlets overlooking the green hills and valleys, the Istrian peninsula offers best of both worlds: the warm Mediterranean and the shadowy forest expanse of the inland.
Located in the Western part of Croatia and walking the fine line between Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian influences, Istria boasts the diverse cultural heritage as well as varied landscapes. Terra magica, as it was called in Roman times, includes everything from one of the best preserved amphitheaters, Arena in Pula, over the smallest city in the world called Hum, to the only fjord resembling structure in continental Europe, Limski kanal. Often referred to as ‘Croatian Tuscany’, the region provides a wide range of gourmet delicacies such as fine wines, olive oil, a special local kind of brandy made from mistletoe and truffles, which are found growing in abundance throughout the woods in central Istria.


Istria, 52207, Belavići, Croatia

Visit the Charming Istrian Villa in Radetici

Radetici is a small hamlet in continental parts of Istrian peninsula. Surrounded with beautiful nature and equally charming settlements, it features a luxurious residence that attracts views of all who pass next to it. This Istrian villa is owned by Matteo Cetinski and it looks like an old estate that was recently renovated to accommodate class-loving guests. However, that is misleading, as the house has recently been built. “A lot of Istrian residences are being arranged in classical Provence, shabby chic or styles that combine modernity with rustic approach,” Cetinski said to Croatia Times source. “But I wanted something else for my house. I invested in Mediterranean exteriors, resembling outdoors of Greece. As for interior, I decided to tender Provence…

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Located in the continental heart of Istria region, Konoba Danijeli can be found about one kilometer away from Kringa village.…