About Island Vis

As one of the most notable destinations on the Adriatic Coast, Vis is located almost fifty kilometers away from Croatian shores. As such, it is surrounded with crystal clear seas, which provide numerous opportunities for high-quality scuba dives. But even without its magnificent underwater realms, Vis resembles an enchanted island from fairy tales.

The landscape of Vis features numerous vineyards and pristine natural sights. It has numerous romantic settlements, including the hugely acclaimed Komiza, located beneath the small mountain of Hum. The neighboring inlet of Bisevo serves as a home to gorgeous naval grotto called Modra Spilja.

Vis recieved international fame thanks to renowned Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, who was so inspired by the beauty of the local cove called Stiniva, that he stationed it as a hideout of his fictional character Porco Rosso.

Island Vis
Vis, Croatia

Read the Legend of Voracious Queen Teuta

The Island of Sveti Andrija is uninhabited destination in Vis Archipelago, located almost halfway in the seas bordering Croatia with Italy. It can be reached only during fine weather, which makes it very secluded from the rest of the coast. But about 2000 years ago, Sveti Andrija has been much livelier place, as proven by ancient ramparts of Queen Teuta’s keep. The aforementioned royalty ruled a powerful Illyrian tribe that dominated eastern shores of Adriatic in 230 BC. For those who don’t know, Illyrians were people that lived on Croatian soil before the nation arrived in Slavic migration during 7th century. Teuta’s husband was King Agron, and the realm flourished during the couple’s reign. Once Macedonian allies sought help against…

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