About Island Ugljan

Being the closest Island to coastal center of Zadar, Ugljan has good connections with the mainland, yet lacks the crowds typical for Croatia’s larger settlements. With only thousand residents who dwell in Ugljan’s seven villages, this Dalmatian isle boasts pleasant Mediterranean climate, lovely coastal areas, diverse vegetation and numerous sites of historical value.

With two millennia of olive growing tradition, Ugljan guarantees to be a prime gastronomical locality, as you will be welcomed in numerous konoba restaurants and local inns. Roman ruins and Old Catholic churches are also available for a visit, the one in Poljana being over 800 years old. Swimmers will want to enjoy the 75 kilometers of gorgeous Croatian coastline with charming spots such as the valleys of Gaj, Garmina, Drazica and Jankova Cove. Those who wish to go under the waves are welcome to join the snorkeling school, or dive in with rented scuba gear, discovering the magnificent world of Ugljan’s underwater. The island is also a good base for exploring the surrounding Dalmatian area, including the Island of Pasman, Archipelago of Kornati and Canyon of Krka River.

Island Ugljan
Ugljan, Zadarska, 23275, HR

The Sad Story of Island Laundresses

Despite their stunning beauty and rich history, the islands of Croatia often suffered from isolation. This might sound great today, as the nature remained untouched, and the outdoors are virtually the same as they have been centuries ago. But to local residents, it’s actually a big issue even in modern age. And back in past, it was even worse, as proven by a tale of island laundresses. A little over century ago, indigence on the islands was so high that women searched for work elsewhere. In most cases, they ended up being laundresses to the rich on the coast. Every morning, they would cross the channels in order to pick up the dirty clothes, return to island, clean them using…

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