About Island Solta

The simplicity of Mediterranean life has been greatly preserved on Croatian Island of Solta, and in this busy and stressful life, it might be just the thing you need for your vacation. Imagine yourself having an early morning coffee in a small inn, watching Adriatic waves as they slowly touch the borders of local marina. Such experience is available daily on Solta Island.

In past, the island was often a target of pirate attacks, so locals have constructed a large fort for coastal defense. Today, it serves as a fantastic Hotel of Martinis Marchi, where old history meets modern luxury with style. Settlements of Stomorska, Maslinica, Rogac and many other wait for you to discover their charm, not to mention small inlets perfect for excursions and family ranches offering agro-tourism services. Local delicacies are quite imaginative as well, and actually include delicious paprenjak cookies and cactus marmalade. Old cemetery features numerous Christian Sarcophagus, and is a final resting point of Vesna Parun, Croatia’s most popular female poet.

Island Solta
21430, Šolta, Croatia