About Island Rab

Counting as one of the most romantic islands of Adriatic Sea, Rab has been a site of many happy endings once love is concerned. Being often a destination of choice for caring honeymoon goers, its lovely coves and secluded coastal areas are just what you need to spark your love life to new heights.

But Rab’s charm doesn’t end with romantic nature. It has a rather fascinating and long history. The capital town of Rab was founded by Roman Emperor over 2000 years ago, and its residents include St. Marin (founder of San Marino Republic) and influential scientist, Bishop Mark de Dominis. Settlements of Supetarska Draga, Lopar, Banjol and Barbat provide numerous opportunities for prime gastronomic adventures, and added calories can be used for long walks through the impressive Dundo Nature Reserve. In Medieval times, Rab was known for its ferocious crossbowman army, and you can see their descendants parading through island today, carrying authentic gear and weapons. But instead of challenging view, these will welcome you with a warm smile, happy to introduce you to their astonishing cultural heritage.

Island Rab
Rab, Croatia

Did You Know About Crossbowmen of Rab Island?

Croatian history is long and it was not always peaceful. A lot of powerful empires fought for dominance over its soil, and firm military traditions have been formed during the centuries. The crossbowmen of Rab Island have been known for their capabilities as early as 11th century, ferociously wielding their powerful weapons in defense of Adriatic shores.  It took a lot of knowledge to use this military item, but in right hands it served with brutal efficiency. A sort of medieval sniper rifle, crossbows were able to puncture through thick armor and neutralize opponents from great length. Jure Miskovic / CROPIX In order to commemorate their heroics, crossbowmen of Rab have organized their own knight games.…

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