About Island Murter

Rich in olive groves, forests of fig trees and remains of archaic Roman Villas, the island of Murter lies in the northern regions of Dalmatia. It is known for annual sail regatta and plenty of traditional folklore celebrations, usually associated with religious calendar.

With strong culture of tourism, this Dalmatian island has numerous restaurants, clubs and bars worthy of visiting. They are scattered all over settlements of Murter, Jezera, and Betina. In recent years, Tisno became quite popular, thanks to internationally recognized electronic music festival. The renowned cuisine of coastal Croatia can be experienced in charming konoba-inns, while outdoor enjoyments include visits to nearby National Park of Kornati and neighboring town of Sibenik.

Murter beaches won’t disappoint either, especially the sandy beauties of Slanica and Podvrska, while local diving clubs will please every adventurer wishing to reveal the secrets of surrounding Adriatic Sea. Come, and find out why shores of Murter are inhabited since times of antiquity.

Island Murter
Otok Murter, Croatia

Take the Oar on Murter Island

Not all Croatian customs track their founding in distant past. Every day, new traditions and manifestations are being formed in the country. One of the most recent ones is Didov Veslun, a sailboat regatta that took place in the waters of Murter Island. The name of the event actually means “Grandfather’s Oar” suggesting that participants are actually gathered to preserve the old ways of sailing and transporting via naval means. Accordingly, the locals have greeted the rowers dressed in traditional clothes of Murter. One can certainly expect the regatta to become an annual custom on Dalmatian Island. The destination is located in central Dalmatia, and can be easily accessed thanks to bridge in Tisno. Murter attracts its visitors with lovely…

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On the Island of Murter, one can find Konoba Boba, a small family restaurant with great reputation and prime food…