About Island Murter

Rich in olive groves, forests of fig trees and remains of archaic Roman Villas, the island of Murter lies in the northern regions of Dalmatia. It is known for annual sail regatta and plenty of traditional folklore celebrations, usually associated with religious calendar.

With strong culture of tourism, this Dalmatian island has numerous restaurants, clubs and bars worthy of visiting. They are scattered all over settlements of Murter, Jezera, and Betina. In recent years, Tisno became quite popular, thanks to internationally recognized electronic music festival. The renowned cuisine of coastal Croatia can be experienced in charming konoba-inns, while outdoor enjoyments include visits to nearby National Park of Kornati and neighboring town of Sibenik.

Murter beaches won’t disappoint either, especially the sandy beauties of Slanica and Podvrska, while local diving clubs will please every adventurer wishing to reveal the secrets of surrounding Adriatic Sea. Come, and find out why shores of Murter are inhabited since times of antiquity.

Island Murter
Otok Murter, Croatia

Sail the Waves with Gajeta Vessel

Having a top-class cruiser is a nice thing, but rare are those who would oppose a sailing experience aboard gajeta vessel.  The name describes a traditional Dalmatian wooden boat, featuring design that hasn’t changed much in a long time. Using rows or wind for propelling element, these charming naval means of transport are ideal for transportation and fishing activities. But thanks to being strongly-built and stable, gajetas are not afraid of heading into open seas. Sailors of Dalmatian Islands gladly take tourists on short trips alongside coast territories. Needless to say, these serve as prime opportunities to take impressive pictures and have a fantastic time in gorgeous natural surroundings. The photo above was taken near Betina, a lovely settlement that…

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On the Island of Murter, one can find Konoba Boba, a small family restaurant with great reputation and prime food…