About Island Hvar

Being one of the most popular islands of Croatia, Hvar is located in the very heart of Dalmatian region. Covered with thick pine tree forests, fruitful vineyard terrains, and lovely lavender fields, the isle also offers prime spots for enjoying the sea, such as beaches of Lucisca, Mlina and Mlaska.

Small coastal settlements such as Dol, Pitve and Humac provide superb gastronomical enjoyment under their stony roofs, while local guides are always ready to introduce you to Hvar’s historical background and natural surroundings. Visitors can also attend kayaking excursions, licensed scuba diving schools and guided cycling sessions.

The Town of Hvar proudly keeps one of the oldest public theaters in Europe, and taking a walk in romantic Jelsa will reveal old villas and deep grotto of Vrapceva Spilja. These are just a few of Hvar’s notable landmarks, and when you add great nightlife full of concerts, parties and cultural events, you’ll learn why people keep returning to this Adriatic Island.

Island Hvar
Hvar, Croatia

Grab a Cocktail on Croatian Beach

Rare are people who go through summer vacation without drinking a single cocktail. Abundant in taste and easily bringing the consumer to fine mood, cocktails are widely available in Croatia. You may even wish to consume them on your favorite beach or its immediate surroundings.  Some of them are unique to the country, made by Croatian experts and unavailable anywhere else in the world. Plus, the prices of these popular drinks are considerably lower in comparison to some more western countries, making Croatia an ideal destination for visitors who like a parasol in their glass. Photo: Tom Dubravec / CROPIX

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