About Island Dugi otok

Literally translated, Dugi Otok means „Long Island“, and once you consider its shape, it is easy to understand why it got such a name. The lengthy coastal area hides numerous spots for your swimming enjoyment, especially the renowned sand valley of Sakarun. With its 800 meters of prime beach terrain, it is considered one of the most beautiful sea sites in the world.

Other points of interest include Nature Park Telascica, with its large cliffs and romantic inlets, several sweet water lakes and gigantic lighthouse of Veli Rat. This structure, the largest of the kind in the Adriatic area, emits light which is detectable by vessels up to 40 kilometers away. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the depths of Strasna Pec cavern, located near the village of Savar.

Dugi Otok offers everything you expect from vacating in Mediterranean. From fantastic local gastronomy to adrenaline-pumping experiences such as scuba diving and bike trekking, it is a destination which never disappoints, and satisfies every foreigner lucky enough to discover the island.

Island Dugi otok
Dugi otok, Croatia