About Island Cres

The largest Island of Croatian Adriatic, Cres is located in the heart of Kvarner region. According to contemporary research of Greek mythos, it was a home to nymph Circe, which turned Odysseus’ crew into hogs.

Today, hogs are rare on Cres, but wonderful Griffon Vultures can be found in special animal shelter Caput Insulae. Other island wildlife is easily met in Woods of Tramuntana, interspersed with educational routes and lovely promenades. Coast of Cres is not lacking in style, especially if we know German Bild Magazine proclaimed Sveti Ivan beach one of the most beautiful sites for swimming in the world. The Lake of Vransko is associated with numerous local legends, while island’s churches, some dating as early as 12th century, are testament of European history and spirituality. Romantic villages of Valun, Beli and Lubenice are full of friendly residents, always ready to provide visitors with comfortable accommodation and prime cuisine. The town of Cres is known for its large Arsan Palace, as well as old pillory where wrongdoers of the past were exposed to justice.

Island Cres
Cres, Croatia

The Largest Adriatic Tuna Caught near Cres

The most successful Croatian fisherman has done it again. Zoran Srdarev Mure is no stranger to photos with impressive prey, yet the latest addition beats every previous catch. While sailing the seas surrounding Cres Island in Croatia’s Kvarner region, Zoran has caught a tuna fish weighting 317 kilograms. “We fought for two hours. The fish didn’t want to give in, but I was stubborn as well. At last, I caught it using the usual drifting technique,” Zoran explained to Croatia Times source. “This has beaten my own personal record from 2004, when I caught tuna weighting 303 kilograms.” Tunas are always gathering near large populations of sardines, which are their usual nutrition. In fall, these fishes move into northern regions…

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