About Island Ciovo

Connected with the mainland through two large bridges, the island of Ciovo can technically be considered a neighborhood of Trogir City. The renowned urban settlement belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List, and most of its visitors are hosted in the beautiful Okrug Riviera, situated on Ciovo’s western coastline.

As every other Dalmatian island, Ciovo offers hot summers of Mediterranean climate, lush vegetation, clean sea and tons of entertainment. Lovely coves and isolated valleys are also included, as are beaches and small inlets where people can dock their ships and enjoy the view of surrounding Adriatic. History can be explored through notable sacral buildings, including the Church of St. Theodore (15th century) and small chapel of St. John the Baptist (17th century). Ciovo has many kastel structures, small keeps used for defensive and economical purposes, and traces from the Classical Period have been found as well. Whether you need a wild nightlife full of party and laugh, or dream about romantic atmosphere, Ciovo will deliver with style.

Island Ciovo
Čiovo, 21220, Žedno, Croatia