About Island Brac

Having more than 2500 hours of sun a year, the island of Brac is officially the sunniest spot on the Adriatic. In addition, it is the largest island of Dalmatian region, with history dating back to Old Greeks. Its natural beauty is proven by the magnificent beach of Zlatni Rat, the ever-changing sea site shaped by powers of waves and winds. It is, by far, the most recognizable unofficial symbol of vacation in Croatia.

As such, Brac is a perfect locality for long, reflexive walks which trigger inspiration and calm down one’s nerves. But don’t think of Brac as an island of solely isolated leisure. Numerous inns, clubs and open-air beach parties are also available, as are surfing sessions and visits to Dragonjina Spilja Cave. The hermitage of Blaca is another fascinating place worthy of exploring, while more extreme sportsman can enjoy trekking and free climbing. Brac is known for its top-quality limestone, which was used in construction of The White House in Washington.

Island Brac
Brač, Croatia

Be Followed by a Dolphin Pod in Brac Channel

Rare are things as uniquely exciting as having a vessel followed by a dolphin pod. Exactly such experience happened to Jason Berry, an American citizen with Split address who recently explored the beauties of Brac Channel with his family. Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX During their voyage a large pod of about 30 dolphins appeared from the blue waves of Adriatic and accompanied the humans on their travels. Of course, such encounter couldn’t pass without being filmed on camera. Check out the beautiful footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=23&v=GER2ei1oSfM Croatian seas are rich with life and meeting dolphins is not an unusual event. These animals are very friendly and intelligent, often curiously engaging in communication with humans. Despite this, it…

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