About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is probably the best known Croatian city in the world, thanks to its romantic ramparts and beautiful, almost unchanged historical core.

Just couple of centuries ago, Dubrovnik was an independent, sovereign city-state with large influence and considerable diplomatic power in Mediterranean. It also had a very developed society, with liberal views and ideas of freedom deeply rooted in resident’s minds. The Republic of Ragusa, as it was known at the time, was one of the first to fight slavery and establish good relations with United States of America.

With numerous forts, monasteries, palaces and churches, Dubrovnik seems more like a gigantic monument then an urban settlement surrounded by gorgeous natural sites. Precisely for these reasons, the city serves as outdoor scenery of ‘Game of Thrones’ Tv-Series, which added to its fame on international level. A place of culture, luxury, history and entertainment, Dubrovnik stands firm as one of the most beautiful places on our planet, happily embracing every traveler with its hospitality.


Honor Croatian Past with Dubrovnik Defenders

Many remember early 90’s with nostalgia, but residents of Dubrovnik didn’t have much fun back then. With arrival of Croatian Independence, war emerged in the country and Pearl of Adriatic was subjected to dense weapons fire by former Yugoslav troops. Many Dubrovnik Defenders lost their lives in fighting, yet the ancient city remained under chess-pattern flag. To commemorate their fallen battle-brethren, veterans of Homeland War gather every year below Srd Mountain that ascends above the city. Dubrovnik Defenders then walk the slope pathways clothed in traditional uniforms or carry banners of their military formations. Although it has been nearly 30 years since the conflict, Dubrovnik still remembers those that fell for its freedom and security. By walking through gorgeous outdoor…

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