About Dalmatia

The region of Dalmatia includes over one third of Croatian Coast, and as such gathers sites of immeasurable beauty, historical value and cultural inheritance. Renowned since the Roman Times, the region of Dalmatia has inspired writers and poets of every age to write about its breath-taking island archipelagos, mountain slopes and old forts. From the city of Zadar to magnificent pearl of Adriatic the world knows as Dubrovnik, from the palace of Diocletian in Split to historical cores of Sibenik and Trogir, this part of Croatia invites for a vacation impossible to forget. Hundreds of islands, coves and secret beaches wait to be discovered by visitors, not to mention the gastronomic delicacies belonging to centuries of tendered culinary identity Dalmatia has. Providing older generations with leisure and relaxation, and newer with long night parties the entire Europe talks about, Dalmatia has an activity for everyone, and offers the experience which made Croatia such a popular tourist destination on the global scale.

21000, Split, Croatia

Discover the Gorgeous Sources of Cetina River

Croatia has many great spots to visit. From fascinating historical cores of Dubrovnik and Trogir to intimate coasts of Hvar and Vis, the country inspires awe on every step. However, the sources of Cetina River have somehow slipped from the tourist’s attention range. Located in the mountainous region called Dalmatinska Zagora, it is a large hydrological monument to natural beauty, tied with centuries of recorded history and architecture. If you wish to reach it, consider doing so in company of our very own Croatia by Car app. As if being a scene from a fable story or a fantasy-inspired video game, the sources of Cetina are impressive locality that is under state protection since 1972. The water emerges from three…

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