About Crikvenica

For decades, the coastal area of Crikvenica has been used as an example of quality in tourist offer, much thanks to lovely beaches and very developed accommodation services. Founded by influential counts of Frankopan family, the settlement has existed since 15th century, its residents being perceived as the best seamen of North Adriatic.

Beaches of Crikvenica range from popular coastal resorts to remote and isolated coves. Those who long for an active vacation can enjoy the challenges of a local adrenaline park or take a walk along numerous promenades and mountaineering tracks. Excursions to the neighboring islands of Rab, Krk and Kosljun are also available. Romantics can hold hands as they travel the so-called “Lover’s Pathway” in a nearby groove, which never lacks scenery for emotional chit-chats. Crikvenica also has a notable aquarium where you can meet Adriatic’s faunal side, and embarking off-shore with hospitable local fisherman is literally an adventure to its own. With rich gastronomical and cultural offer during the whole year, Crikvenica might easily become your next vacation spot on Croatian coast.


Selce Beach Calls for Enjoying Summer

The summer is at its peak, and Croatian coastal localities are among the best places in the world to be at this moment. One of the most popular localities of the kind is the main Selce Beach, which can be found in a tiny settlement of the same name between Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski towns.  Sandy in part, the beach is perfect for children and adults alike, providing the crisp view of Kvarner Bay and the neighboring shores of Krk Island. Selce beach is very accessible and easy to reach. Destination is only three hours away by car drive from Zagreb, hence it is regularly visited during prolonged weekends by residents of Croatian capital. In addition to beach itself, Selce…

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