About Cakovec

Located on a strategically important point between rivers of Mura and Drava, the city of Cakovec has always been valuable to its governors. Formed as a military camp in 13th century, it soon became the settlement of Croatian nobles, the Zrinski Family. A lot of decisions which shaped Croatian history were made in Cakovec, especially in its impressive Keep of Stari Grad.

But despite its militaristic past, modern Cakovec is far from being a warrior’s stronghold. As a matter of fact, it is called “Hortus Croatiae”, or “The Garden of Croatia”. This is due to large investments in floral development, so visitors are free to enjoy promenades, parks and other flowery outdoors.

From the perspective of Christian religion, Cakovec is also an interesting destination. St. Jerome, the author of Bible’s Latin translation, was born in Stridor. The settlement is now non-existent, but experts believe it was located in the Croatian city’s close vicinity.

And finally, one can perceive Cakovec as an important destination for wine lovers. Being a notable part of Medimurje region’s wine road, it is a place where glasses are never empty, and where every guest has a smile on face.

40000, Čakovec, Croatia

Join the Carnivals in February

Scary monsters? Check. Cute looking animals on two feet? Check. Traditional ghost-chasers such as zvoncari? Also checked. Welcome to February in Croatia, a month when carnivals across the country are taking place bringing joys and thrills to both young and old. From continental Town of Samobor to Croatia’s largest port of Rijeka, people are changing their clothes for the more appropriate costumes. While being an event to itself, the carnivals are descending from traditional customs of chasing away the bad spirits as they were practiced centuries ago. Not even supernatural beings can rival Croats in being scary. The photo above has been taken in Cakovec, a gorgeous continental town in Medimurje region. Founded as early as 13th century, it went…

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