About Biograd na Moru

Literally translated, the city name means “The White Town on Sea”. It is a coastal settlement in Dalmatia, around 20 kilometers away from Zadar. As a proud owner of Silver Flower Europe award, with blue flags waving their color all over its coastal area, this small Croatian city is a destination worthy of every foreigner’s visit. But to Croats, it means much more.

One millennia ago, it was a site where Croatian kings were crowned, thus being the center of realm’s strength and power. It remained a place of importance, as proven by a large number of churches and old infrastructural buildings on its soil. Yet, Biograd is not relying on its past fame to impress the visitors. Hotels and resorts of the highest standard are providing guests with pleasant accommodation, and those who can’t leave the waves are welcome to stay in Biograd’s much-loved marina. Tranquil waters offer prime summer refreshments, while the neighborhood consists of Kornati , Velebit and Krka Waterfalls National Parks. Telascica Resort and Plitvice Lakes are also very close, so if you want to enjoy Croatian beauty both in coastal and continental edition, make Biograd your home, and get the most of your holiday.

Biograd na Moru

Casa DaCo: Your Luxury Home in Biograd

Imagine spending a vacation in a lovely Coatian Villa situated on Dalmatian Shore. Precisely such experience waits for you in Biograd, thanks to luxurious accommodation Casa DaCo. Located close to the settlement center yet secluded enough to provide guests with peace and quiet, this locality is a dream come true to every visitor. The tale begins as early as 1970’s, when Casa DaCo was actually a traditional konoba tavern. It was used to storage wine, olive oil and fruit. About one decade ago the owners decided to make it into something more approachable. In a matter of years, the tavern became a notable estate that welcomes visitors from all sides of the world. As many other accommodations of this type,…

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