About Baska Voda

Between the beautiful slopes of magnificent Biokovo Mountain and gorgeous blueness of Adriatic Sea, you will find the town of Baska Voda. It is an oasis of fresh air, fascinating nature, and history tracking back its roots to times of Illyrian tribes.

Baska Voda is a popular tourist destination, much thanks to its pleasant climate and a large number of local beaches. The summer is always full of content, thanks to numerous cultural events which cherish the settlement’s long history and well-established Croatian traditions, including fisherman fiestas and folk dance festivals. Fans of the old architecture can visit several notable churches, including Chapel of St. Rocco (dating from 15th century) and the Church of Assumption (constructed in 1636.) Malacological and Archaeological Museums are also valid spots for visit, as is Baska Voda’s Native Museum. Nightlife is also something you can count on, thanks to numerous restaurants, konoba-inns and pizzeria houses. A large discotheque with open-air terraces is always ready to provide entertainment up to the early morning times. A place of entertainment and leisure, Baska Voda is a vacation spot you always imagined to provide you with unforgettable summer.

Baska Voda

Confronting the Sailors near Baska Voda

During colder period of the year, a lot of strong winds appear along Adriatic Coast. They can be quite a nuisance if you wish to drink a glass of wine in the outdoors, not to mention have a sail. But, naval life demands sea to be traversed, even with the wind as strong as bora. Sailors are cautious on their duties and doing their best to transport goods, but having some spiritual bond surely helps in everyday work. A lot of them find reassurance in Saint Nicholas, a Catholic patron saint of sailors. This heavenly individual is associated with a popular tradition of leaving gifts in good children’s shoes. Unlike Santa Clause that brings presents on Christmas, Saint Nicholas circulates…

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