About Baranja

Largely unknown to an average person interested in Croatian tourist offer, the region of Baranja hides secrets of fascinating beauty and unique attractiveness. Located in the northeast part of the country, it has a very strong cultural identity and remarkable natural sites which just wait to be discovered.

Kopacki Rit National Park is probably the most notable locality of Baranja. Its swamps and valleys provide home to numerous bird species, including quite rare grey storks. The Park also hosts eagles, deer and other forms of wildlife you’ll be delighted to meet. Baranja is also known for several old castles, including those of Dardi, Bilje and Tikves. For centuries, Baranja was a cradle and home to unique Croatian culture of Sokci people, and their museum can be visited in Topolj village. As for those who travel with meals in mind, the region offers traditional delicacies including lake fish stew and red paprika dishes. With numerous ethno-houses, wine-roads and travel courses, Baranja is a great choice for those who want to meet Croatia’s continental soil, and will provide you with many unforgettably pleasant experiences..

Kopački Rit, Croatia


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