About Archipelago Kornati

The archipelago of Kornati, also known as Stomorski Islands, serves as a national park and protected natural value of Croatian state. It is located in northern Dalmatia and belongs to Sibenik-Knin County. Consisting of 140 islands and islets, it is the densest archipelago of Mediterranean Sea. Despite this fact, it rests largely unpopulated, the only settlements being temporary shelters for fisherman of neighboring islands Murter and Dugi Otok. In addition, the old dry stone walls made by shepherds of the past are the only proof of human existence. Campers seeking peace and isolation will find both on Islands of Kornati, but the area is far from being a dull wasteland. Floral and faunal species accompany and decorate the raw limestone of archipelago, providing some rather fascinating sights. Thus Kornati is another place in Croatia which causes awe and amazement, as well as respect for our planet and its unique beauty.

Archipelago Kornati
Kornati, Kornati National park, Croatia

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