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Maybe it doesn’t look like that, but these people are actually swimming on a musical instrument. Sea Organ is a unique artistic installation made by Nikola Basic, Ivica Stamac, Vladimir Androcec and Musical Attelier Heferer. It is literally a custom-made musical organ which produces sound as the waves of Adriatic Sea enter its pipes. That way, the Adriatic literally plays the instrument, changing melodies and tunes according to weather or tide situations. Sea Organ swimming is also fun, as can be seen on this picture.

The installation is located on the western part of Zadar’s main Riva. A site worthy of one’s visit even outside of the hot summer season, it is a place where one can enjoy long walks and lovely sight of the surrounding coastline. But of course, it’s the summer season which counts, especially if you plan to do some sea organ swimming. In both cases, you will be greeted by sounds of Adriatic, that old maestro of melodies.

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