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Just 60 kilometers away from Zagreb, one can find the peaceful village of Mirkopolje, and a lovely cottage built in Honka Style. Belonging to Anita Tucek, the accommodation is available for rent and comes with affordable prices. Simple and functional, yet charming and inspirational, this little estate can be a great staying place for weekend-long excursion to capital’s outdoors.

Just by reading the description, one can be assured that Mirkopolje house is a spot from fairy tales. Surrounded by thick forest, its immediate vicinity features a small stream and shores of Kupa River. Having a yard with over 3000 square meters in size, the Honka Style Cottage has a garden, orchard, two fishing spots and a private bathing place.

Honka Style

The broad surroundings are equally astonishing. The neighboring forest is a perfect location for a stroll in nature, and visitors can enjoy golf terrains, cycling tracks and local wine roads. In case you wish to have some more urban forms of entertainment, the town of Karlovac is in driving distance.

The cottage comes with modern technologies and appliances, so you won’t be isolated from contemporary lifestyle unless you wanted to.  But if you dream about a relaxing and fulfilling experience in Croatian woodlands, reserve your Honka Style accommodation on e-mail

Check out the vibes of the spot in our photo gallery below:


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