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In case you didn’t know, skies of the world were cherished with a special event one night ago. The Grandiose Moon, also known as „Super Moon“, decorated the space above roofs and antennas on global scale.

This phenomenon is not an ordinary ongoing in astronomical fields. The last time it occurred in such clarity was 68 years ago. It happens when moon’s rotating orbit around Earth shrinks, technically making the celestial body closer.

Of course, this increases the visual size of the moon, prompting all romantics to venture the nocturnal outdoors and enjoy the scenery. Residents of Zagreb weren’t any different. Many of them went outside; some even having a drink on bar terraces, despite the low temperatures.

Among these night beings was our photographer Tomislav Kristo. As all the other photographers, he rarely leaves home without his camera, which he used to picture the grandiose moon over Zagreb. It is a beautiful image, which will surely inspire globe trotters to visit the Croatian Capital, even without the picturesque moon on the skyline.

Do you have your own photos of supermoon? Upload them to our Facebook Wall, especially if they were made in Croatia, and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day. Be encouraged to visit Zagreb and all other destinations in the country, as they have something to offer even outside the hot summer season.


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