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Although Eurovision contest has concluded, the popularity of Croatian singer Jacques Houdek is not losing momentum. Thanks to his impressive vocal skills and original performance, he became a hot topic in the variety of modern media. To name a single one, comedian Ricky Gervais had to threaten his twitter fans with blocking if they continue to note the physical resemblance between Houdek and him.

Here are five things you probably don’t know about this rising Croatian celebrity.

He was born in Velika Gorica

Jacques’ real name is Zeljko, and he was born in Velika Gorica. It is a town known for a number of gorgeous wooden chapels which were mostly constructed in 17th century. Velika Gorica is among the settlements with the largest rise of tourist infrastructure of inland Croatia.

He won Plenty of Awards

Houdek is a winner of numerous awards, some of which are not of Croatian origin. These include recognitions from Melodije Kvarnera, Krapinski Festival, Budva, Ohrid Fest and many other .The influential CMC awarded him for having the most played song of the year 2010.

In Croatia, the most respected award in music industry is called Porin. Houdek has five of these.

Jacques Competed in British Song Contests

Nicknamed ‘Croatian Sensation’, Houdek was competing in the British version of popular X Factor music show. Prior to this, he also reached high positions in the similar competition called Open Mic UK.

He Also Judged a Croatian One

Thanks to his experience on the foreign stages, Jacques became a judge in the Croatian version of the talent Show The Voice. During the recording, he was mentoring Nina Kraljic, who fundamentally presented Croatia on Eurovision in 2016.

Houdek Sings in Several Languages

Jacques made several musical albums and even performed in some theater spectacles. He also sung in several foreign languages, including  Italian, German, Spanish and Maori.


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