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Recently we brought you The vegetarian’s guide to Eating in Croatia, a bit of a survival guide, as Croats do love their meat. We now bring you some useful Croatian phrases to help you order meals in restaurants. Pronunciation is pretty easy – you say the words just as they’re spelled, bearing in mind the Croatian ‘j’ is pronounced like the English ‘y.’

I am a vegetarian. (male) – Ja sam vegetarijanac.

I am a vegetarian. (female) – Ja sam vegetarijanka.

I am a strict vegan. (male) – Ja sam strogi vegan.

I am a strict vegan. (female) – Ja sam stroga veganka.

I don’t drink milk. – Ne pijem mlijeko.

Do you have anything vegetarian? – Imate li nesto vegetarijansko?

Is there any meat in this soup? – Ima li u ovoj juhi mesa?

I dont’ eat _____. – Ne jedem______.

meat – meso

chicken – piletinu

fish – ribu

butter – maslac

cheese – sir

eggs – jaja

honey – med

milk – mlijeko

bacon – slaninu

*Care for some grammar insight? These foods in the list are in the accusative case – ready to insert into the above sentence. This means that if mentioned out of context (in the nominative) they might have a different letter at the end.

Are there any other words or phrases you’d find handy? Tell us!



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