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Our photo-reporter Tonci Plazibat has recently joined a group of Asian tourists in their visit to Dubrovnik. Although slightly tired from a long trip, it was obvious that they were thrilled to visit the magnificent street of Stradun.

On annual base, Croatia notes increasing number of Asian tourists. These population shows high interest in European history, especially its Medieval and Renaissance periods.  One can’t find better place for such passion than romantic Dubrovnik.

Stradun, also known as Placa, is the main street of city’s old part. It used to be a thick swamp which separated two settlements- Ragusa and Dubrava. However, in 9th century, the residents dried it up and joined their small towns, forming what will later become the Republic of Ragusa.

The street features many historical sites, including large city doors, fountains of Onoforio and two large towers. You can also visit several old Churches- Crkva Svetog Spasa (St. Saviour Church, dating from 16th century) and Crkva Svetog Blaza (St. Blaise Church, dating from 18th century).

In any case, it is lovely to see how architectural and historical beauty of Dubrovnik attracts people of various cultures.  Check out Tonci’s photos below:


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