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Although the recent floods of epic proportions have switched the attention of Croatian audience from the latest Adriatic mystery, people are still interested in 28 circles of unknown origin, found in the vicinity of Dugi Otok.

Immediately after publication, the story triggered enormous interest of paranormal investigators and people with knowledge of ufology. One of them, Stjepan Zvonaric, explained circles through theories of ancient astronauts, introduced by Swedish author Erich von Däniken. Zvoncaric thinks that the circles were constructed by local tribesmen several thousands of years ago, and were used by alien spacecraft to land on Croatian ground of that time. During centuries, the Adriatic Sea covered these launch pads, and they remained undetected until recently.

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Doctor Ivan Simatovic, a professional geologist and passionate explorer of ufological activity has also showed much interest in the unexplained phenomena. While not giving any practical explanation or theory, he expressed hope that circles will not be left unattended, and that terrain samples will be taken by scuba divers on site.

Several locals recall that strange lights were detected in the vicinity of neighboring Island of Unije last year, in the month of September. In 1997, Croatian police officials confirmed sighting “a globe of light” in Zadar archipelago, which vanished in the sea close to Vir Island. These facts greatly increased the interest of UFO enthusiasts for Adriatic Circles phenomena.

But alien visitors are not the only possible explanation of Adriatic Circles. Several people with experience in military think that oddity is caused by underwater construction of communist regime, which collapsed together with State of Yugoslavia in early 90’s. This government was obsessed with building top-secret army shelters, which would host important leaders and politicians in case of nuclear attack. According to these theories, the circles are actually hiding a huge complex of late regime, or maybe even a gigantic storage with military supplies.

Conspiracy theories or possible explanations to Adriatic Circles? Only time will tell, as investigation continues under the waves of Croatian Sea.


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