About Požega

Surrounded by Mountains of Psunj, Papuk, Dilj and Pozeska Gora, the picturesque Pozega is where Croatian language was firstly practiced in public life. Being in Slavonian plain, a part known for its wines and dry meat products, it is a perfect destination for exploring the beauties of inland Croatia

Full of old palaces, churches, museums and promenades, Pozega offers numerous opportunities for strolling and enjoying the outdoors. The Tekija promenade features a water source of drinkable water, while the Old Town has playgrounds for children, and is advisable spots for family visit.

Guests of Pozega are also encouraged to visit Sokolovac hill, which provides a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys of Pozega.

34000, Požega, Croatia

Yugo Cabrio: Remembering the Old Days

Before Croatia became an independent country, it was a part of state known as Yugoslavia. That country fell apart in early 90’s, but not before producing its own line of automobiles. Yugo Cabrio is one of the pinnacles of that industry, with only 500 vehicles being produced, 75 of which went to United States market. Yugo was a very big success in Balkan region, much thanks to its affordability. More than 700 000 vehicles were sold, providing the economically unstable countries with cheap mobility options. Although universally panned for lack of technical quality, Yugo stood the test of time and many of these cars can still be found on the roads of Balkan countries. The brand’s international reputation was decimated…

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